Cantus Front
Output = 50 Watts

Power Tubes = 2 x EL34, 

Preamp tubes = 3 X 12AX7,
Controls:  Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Master, Volume  & Boost switch.
Transformers are custom built by Heyboer.
The Cantus also has an engraved, back lit, acrylic faceplate and is enclosed in a beautiful, solid, dovetailed Sapele cabinet*

The Cantus is our most popular design and for good reason.  Don't let the pretty wood fool you, this amp rocks!   The design is based on the classic small box Plexi 50 watt amp, but we have added a master volume and a switchable all tube boost circuit. These added features provide a wide flexibility in sound, it has superb cleans, overdrive tone like Eddie on the first Van Halen album and if you hit the boost switch you are in high gain '80's rock overdrive. The boost circuit adds an extra gain stage to push the amp into the high gain category. The solid state rectifiers provide tight/fast bass response that these amps are known for.   The master volume lets you dial in overdrive tones at reasonable sound levels. Of course with the master wide open, it basically takes it out of the circuit and you can let this amp scream.
This is no 'one trick pony'.  You can go from stock 50 watt plexi tones, toned down lower volume overdrive with the master and screaming overdrive crunch with the boost circuit engaged all with one amp and no pedals. 

Of course we also use the best parts and construction methods that we can.  This includes a .090 thick annodized aluminum chassis, G10/FR4 turret boards, hand wired with Mogami wire, Roederstein metal film resistors, film capacitors, and hand made rosewood knobs inlayed with real abolone.  

Check out what our customers have said over the past 4 years:  Reviews

For Pricing, Availability and ordering, please contact one of our Dealers.  These guys are the best in the business and can help you match the right speakers and cabinets with your guitar and style. 

*-Our next run will have a limited number of cabinets made from beautiful Mesquite boards from Arizona Desert Mesquite. These are a special run and will represent the most beautiful cabinets we have made. The harsh desert lands where mesquite grows shapes the character of this magnificent wood with patterns and designs not found in any other hardwood. Inquire now if you are interested in one of these special cabinets

Cantus Back

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